Whatever your fitness goal is, your solution is here! Does it feel like no matter how much you workout or how well you eat that you still can not seem to get the results you want? Good news! Spire Fitness Personal Training in Salt Lake City can help you reach your fitness goals by teaching you how to be efficient with the time you spend working out. Personal training combines cardiovascular exercise, resistance/weight training, and stretching. You will work with the best female personal trainer in Salt Lake City, Utah. We also offer assisted stretching sessions for people looking to improve range of motion or improve sport performance, such as Golf or Baseball.






Buddy & Small Group Training


1 on 1 Personal Training




Anytime Fitness

2332 E. 2100 S.

Salt Lake City, Utah 84109


Mornings, Afternoons & Evenings


Assisted Stretching


Anytime Fitness

2332 E. 2100 S.

Salt Lake City, Utah 84109




Mornings, Afternoons & Evenings

Online Training programs

Any days you choose

Location of Your Choice







Small Groups of 3-5 people

$500 /Month (4-5 days/week)

$400 /Month (3 days/week)

$300 /Month (2 days/week)

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Buddy Training (2 people)

10 Sessions for $1000 ($500 each)

20 Sessions for $1800 ($900 each)

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Online Training Programs

$100 - $600 /Month

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Assisted Stretching

10 sessions for $500

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Personal Training (1 on 1)

10 sessions for $800

20 Sessions for $1500

30 Sessions for $2100

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Your First session is always FREE, with no obligation to sign up. Simply call (801) 850-2717 to set up your free session. Feel free to bring a friend!

Decide NOW to put your health and fitness as a top priority in your life!

You have the opportunity to transform your body and life for less than $25 per session with group training! Plus, you are getting resistance training, cardio, flexibility, balance and posture all in one program!

What to Expect from Spire Fitness Training

  • Weight Loss and/or Decrease in Body Fat %
  • Increased Endurance, Strength, & Flexibility
  • Better Balance
  • Support Network and Bonding with Other participants in Salt Lake City 
  • Lean and Toned Body
  • Transformation of Your Body and Your Life!

Women and men of all fitness levels, sizes and ages are experiencing amazing results with Spire Fitness! Now it is your turn! Whether you are a beginner, an advanced exerciser, or somewhere in between; Our Salt Lake City Personal Training will take you and your body to the next level. Come be Inspired to Aspire to better health, while you Perspire with your friends and peers!

You Will Receive

  • Total Body Workouts  
  • Inspiration and Instruction from a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer and Group Instructor
  • Support Network and Bonding with Other Participants
  • Transformation of Your Body and Your Life!!

Spire Fitness Training Programs are located in Salt Lake City, Utah. All workouts and exercise programs are for women and men. ALL AGES AND FITNESS LEVELS ARE WELCOME. The program offers top of the line workouts designed by the most elite personal trainers in Utah. Training is offered Monday through Saturday every week. If you are looking to lose weight, decrease body fat, tone up, or simply stay healthy and fit then Spire Fitness is for you!

WHY WAIT? Make the commitment to YOUR HEALTH Today!

Unlike typical Military Trainers, where a drill sergeant screams at you and calls you names, Spire Fitness Trainers are here to motivate, encourage, and support you on your new Adventure. Spire is the best Salt Lake Personal Training available. You can feel comfortable knowing you are working with a state of the art female personal trainer in Salt Lake City. You will be trained by a Nationally Certified Instructor who is there to INSPIRE you, to ASPIRE to new heights, while you PERSPIRE to better health and fitness!

Spire Fitness is currently offering small group Personal Training and one on one Personal Training in Salt Lake City. Personal Training programs include cardio, weight training and flexibility. For more info or to schedule a FREE consultation Contact Audrey Here or call (801) 850-2717 or email audrey.spire@gmail.com!

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